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Who is she anyway?

Born in Knoxville, TN and raised in Gainesville, FL Rachel is the daughter of a neurobiologist and an ornithologist. 

Graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy and Syracuse University, B.F.A. 

Resides in NYC with her 13 yr. old adopted jackhuahua Sherman. 

Proud union member.

Height: 5'7"

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: New York City



PHILIP GOES FORTH  |  Miss Krail  |  The Mint  Jerry Ruiz, dir. 

THIS SIDE OF PARADISE  |  Young Zelda Fitzgerald  |  Theatre at St. Clements Will Pomerantz, dir.

SEX TIPS...  |  Robyn  |  777 Theatre  Tim Drucker, dir. 


GROUNDED  |  The Pilot  |  Florida Studio Theatre  Kate Alexander, dir. 

THE BOOK CLUB PLAY  |  Jen  |  Virginia Stage Co.  Chris Hanna, dir.

BLACK COMEDY  |  Carol Melkett  |  Pioneer Theatre Co.  Jeff Steitzer, dir.

ALABAMA STORY  | Lily  |  FST  Kate Alexander, dir.

JERICHO  | Jessica  | FST  Kate Alexander, dir. 

THE COLUMNIST  |  Susan Mary  |  FST  Kate Alexander, dir. 

2010 - present

RENT  |  Maureen  |  Pioneer Theatre Co.  Karen Azenberg, dir. 

MY FAIR LADY  |  Eliza  |  J.W. Engeman Theater  Alan Souza, dir

ONE SLIGHT HITCH |  Courtney  |  Florida Rep.  Chris Clavelli, dir. 

MIDSUMMER |  Helena  |  Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival  Jim Helsinger, dir

FINDING NEMO: THE MUSICAL  |  Dory  |  WDW Theatricals  Peter Brosius, dir.

TARTUFFE  |  Flipote  |  Two River Theatre Co.  Jane Page, dir. 

THE MEMBER OF THE WEDDING  |  Frankie  |  The Red House Theatre  Gerard Moses, dir. 

2010 - present

CRIMES OF THE HEART  |  Babe* (us, performed)  |  Syracuse Stage  Bob Moss, dir. 


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